Book Recommendations

I believe there are three types of knowledge one must grow

Professional Knowledge. The most obvious one. Access to studies and formations to become a professional of some sort is, fortunately, slowly becoming the standard world wide. Our problem is that we believe this knowledge to be enough. Wrong. 

Personal Knowledge. Willingness to get to know oneself is every day more common in western society (influenced by the oriental one, pushed by globalisation). This is all about unmasking our egos, understanding our behaviours, and training our weaknesses. 

Cultural Knowledge. Slowly but steady, the evolution of technology is blurring the boundaries between countries. Both in business and in private life, the foreign presence is growing. Not paying interest to other’s history, religions, customs and manners is a big mistake.

This is a compilation of the books that help me the most increasing my three types of knowledge.

Note: Some books might not be on sale in your market and therefore the product in the links not found.

Professional Knowledge

Negotiation. A must have. Six technique that radically changed the success of my negotiations.

Personal Brand. The book is concise and I like that. It gives really good tips about the power of LinkedIn and how to approach it.

Business Value. The book helped me understand how “business value” is shaped. Short and good. It is IT based with some complex financial terms.

Scrum. I will just say that this is the Bible of Scrum. I read it during a formation and it covers every single detail.

Machine Learning. I can recommend this book as a good introduction to ML. It will allow you to have a broad view of it.

NLP. It cover every computational technique there is to deal with texts. Even some algorithms. This opened me the doors to NLP projects.

Lean Startup. I truly believe this is a must for entrepreneurs. Based on the Japanese Lean philosophy, it taught me to avoid wasting my money and time.

For entrepreneurs. I mainly bought it to decide if I go solo or co-found. The book answered this and way more. 400 pages, scientific based. Recommended.

Personal Knowledge

Be present. By far the book with biggest impact on my personal growth. Its techniques will allow you to stop focusing on the future, to be present.

The four agreements. This book specially helped me being less suspicious and to not taking things personally. It will surely improve the quality of your life.

Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor. It is an advantage in every sense understanding the roles we embody during drama. This book explains how the roles function.

What is your purpose in life? Helped by a narrative story in a cafe, this book shows you the importance of your purpose in life.

Deal with conflicts. One of the most useful books. It includes techniques to deal with conflicts. Possessing these skills help personally and professionally.

Quit Smoking! If you are trying to quit but you can’t, this book will give you the foundations and even an opportunity to do so. If I could, you can.

Cultural Knowledge

History easy and clear. I read this book already twice and a third time is coming. History explained in a compelling way. I love it.

War World 1. A 100 pages book which intensively explains the mains events during the 1st WW. Many current political alliances started there.

Monotheistic religions. The most complex read. It objectively explains how the meaning of God has adapted through the history of religions. Pure knowledge.

Philosophy. This books is given as task during high school but I read it as an adult. Good introduction to philosophy in a narrative way.